Standing Items


 Please advise if your child is currently planned to take transportation but is currently not utilizing it. Parents wishing to opt out now can call Transportation at 905-523-2318. Parents can call back at any time if they decide they would like to opt back in for transportation.


Now that colder weather is approaching, please have your children prepared for outdoor recesses. It will become necessary for hats, mittens and even winter coats to be pulled out of storage and worn to school. Mother Nature seems to bless STTH’s playground with even colder weather than the rest of Hamilton. We strongly encourage labeling of all clothing items to avoid loss of articles. When weather becomes snowy, boots are essential and students must come prepared with indoor shoes.


When schools are closed or buses cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, details will be announced by the following Hamilton and area radio stations and CHCH TV station: 900 900CHML/ Y108 FM/95.3FM/Oldies 1150 (CKOC)/K-Lite 102.9 FM/ 820 CHAM/KX 94.7FM. Announcements will be made by 7:00 a.m. Check the school board website ( the school buzzboard ( ) Twitter (; ( ) Our school buzzboard will announce any late breaking news and the email blastout system will also be used.


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St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Elementary School/About Our School/Bringing "food treats" to school
As a reminder, please do not send your child with any food treats for his/her classmates for
birthdays etc.…The food allergies continue to grow rapidly at St. Thomas, and we do not want
to take any chance of any of the food containing nuts or other ingredients that may cause a fatal
allergic reaction. Even though a package may say “nut free”, we cannot take a chance
considering that there may be other ingredients students are allergic to. Please feel free to send
your son/daughter with pencils, stickers etc.…to be handed out to the class.



Please note that the school does not have any control over busses not arriving on time for pickup and/or drop off.
We are responsible for your children getting on and off of the bus, and their ongoing safety on the bus. If
you have any transportation issues please visit for updates
and contact information.

Student Cellular Phone Policy Reminder

There will be a Zero tolerance regarding student cell phone use unless directed by a teacher as a research tool (details to follow). This includes during Nutrition Break and recess. Cell phones will be confiscated immediately and taken to the office to be locked up in safe keeping. Parents/Guardians may be responsible for pick up at a convenient time.

Spirit Day Fridays

As a reminder, starting on Friday, September 8th, and subsequently every Friday, students may wear our school’s Spirit Wear hoodies and shirts. Please note that uniform pants/shorts must be worn. Full school uniforms are to be worn if you choose not to wear any Spirit Wear items on Fridays. School crest embroidered Hoodies are also available to purchase. These “uniform” hoodies are allowed to be worn throughout the year, as part of the student’s school uniforms.

We will still be having our Catholic Student Council Spirit and Civvies days through out the year. 

All Spirit Wear can be purchased during our Spirit Wear Blitz through our distributer JML Uniforms. 

Please note that school uniforms can also be purchased through JML and or McCarthy’s Uniforms. Parents also have the option of purchasing plain apparel from another source, with the agreement to add a school crest.

School crests can be purchased at our school for $4.00 each. 

Visits to the School Reminder

One of the procedures, which schools across the Board attempt to consistently enforce is the practice of having visitors report their presence at all times to the office upon arrival. If you need to see your child during school time, he/she will be called to the office for you. This is done in the interest of safety, as we do not want unauthorized persons roaming about the school building. Also, interruptions to the class affect the learning atmosphere for all children in the room. And with that, please understand that under no circumstances should your son or daughter text, call or email you using their personal phone. If they need to communicate with you during the school day, please have them proceed to the office or have their teacher call.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

We continue to work on building a strong partnership between school, family and parish. Once again we look forward to working with Father Francis, Mrs. Perini-Parkes and all of the wonderful Parish staff at St. Thomas Parish.

Please visit the Parish website  for the latest Parish bulletin and updates and events